Spiritual Director

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Thank you for visiting my page! You are most welcome to visit my blog as well. I look forward to learning, growing and enjoying life with you through our many educational, inspirational and social opportunities.

Dr. Richard holds two ordinations and multiple degrees including a Doctor of Divinity from study in both the United States and in Europe.  A professional musician, published author, award-winning businessman and currently the   Spiritual Director for Unity in Lynnwood, Washington, Dr. Held's work has been noted as, "Thought-provoking and soul-nudging - that rare balance of profound and profoundly simple."

In 2014, he was invited to serve on the Advisory Committee for the Association for Global New Thought which launched the Synthesis Dialogues with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence.  He has   created with such notables as Dr. Maya Angelou, Marianne Williamson, Bishop Carlton Pearson, Bishop John Shelby-Spong, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Dr. Jean Houston, Gary Zukav Mark Victor-Hansen and Victoria Moran. 

Always, I'm really glad you're here!


Associate Minister/Bookkeeper

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I found a home in New Thought in 1996 and have been a devoted and ardent student ever since.

I was ordained in 1987 in another spiritual tradition, licensed as a Unity Minister in 2020 and am currently working towards a New Thought Interfaith minister credential. I am the mother of two delightful children and a lover of this adventure we call Life. I'm delighted to be able to practice and grow with all of you.


Youth and Family Ministries Director/Event Coordinator

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Having been raised in Unity, I have been a student of Unity all my life.  Some of my best memories are of my days as a student within each of the youth programs and I am so excited to now be able to share those experiences and life lessons with UIL's youth!  Our focus will be on community, learning and practicing the Unity principles and of course, lots and lots of fun!  


Lead Sponsor, Uniteens

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Uniteens are our blessed Middle and Jr. High School youth. It takes a team of people to keep up with them! As one of four volunteer Uniteens sponsors, I bring 20 years in Unity serving with Sunday School, Youth of Unity and in “adult” church. What I’ve learned is that Uniteens are my favorite people to play, learn, share and grow with. Our group focus is on fun, understanding ourselves, fun, practicing Unity’s basic principles in our day-to-day lives, being in service to something bigger, and especially having fun!


Co-Lead Sponsor, YOU

I am the youngest of five siblings raised in the suburban Washington, D.C. area by a strong Unity mother, and I was christened in the Unity Church. Though we had limited financial resources on a single income, our mother made sure we knew we were loved completely and unconditionally and saw to it that we knew how to love each other. Many times, when it seemed we were in an untenable situation, we witnessed God’s abundance and love seeing us through. This instilled me with absolute confidence that Love shines in me and through me in all situations.

I made my way to the northwest in my late teens and have been here since, doing my best to raise five children and sharing in Spirit wherever I can. I’m honored to be a member of Unity in Lynnwood, and to contribute to its growth in any way I can. Thank you for allowing me this cherished opportunity. 


Audio/Visual Engineer

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Growing up going to a Unity church in Illinois, I've been in Unity since before I can remember! Upon moving to the Seattle area I was able to attend the Youth of Unity group at UIL for the duration of my teenage years, I deeply appreciate the love and kindness I experienced while attending. I thoroughly enjoy working with Unity in Lynnwood, creating and enriching with the staff and community through technology and film. I'm always up for, and driven by, the challenges my work might present. I graduated from Shoreline Community College in 2011 with an associate degree in Arts and Sciences along with a certificate in Digital Filmmaking Technology.  


Office Manager/Music Director

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Matthew Wilson is a sought-after recording artist and solo performer.  He performed with the two-time Grammy Award winning Kansas City Chorale and was the voice of all Garmin 2011 holiday television and radio commercials.  Wilson was a soloist with the Kansas City Symphony and a regular guest on The Living Room - Kansas City's original entertainment/talk show.

I love the teaching, the positive way of being and the beautiful culture at UIL.  I'm delighted to serve in whatever way Spirit calls me to serve.  From musicians to poets to actors to artists - we offer many vehicles and openings for authentic ministry through quality arts! Unity in Lynnwood's seasonal choir is a Spirit-driven, music-loving, joy-filled and heart-centered ensemble. This non-auditioned choir is open to anyone who has a passion for music and who likes to have fun! Please contact me at for details. All are welcome.


Prayer Ministries Director

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I have been attending Unity churches for over 30 years.  In 2007 I became a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) of pastoral care.  It has been my pleasure to facilitate learning groups and teach Unity principles.  I bring a deep connection to Spirit, great love of people and our Unity teachings.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this thriving community as we grow together in Unity.

Our prayer teams include those silently holding you in prayer to those praying with you one-on-one at church or over the phone to those providing a comforting presence for you in your home or care facility.

You may request prayers through this website, through our confidential prayer line at 425-742-7610, through the UIL App or by contacting Silent Unity at 800-669-7729.

We see you surrounded and enfolded by God's wonderful light and love.


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Volunteer Coordinator

I am the oldest of three siblings, originally from Holland, Michigan.  I have lived in beautiful Washington State for twelve years and though I am fairly new to New Thought, when I walked into Unity in Lynnwood, I knew I was home.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this loving and gracious community as Lead of UIL’s Welcome Teams and Service Coordinator for our growing and thriving Service Ministry.


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Gift Shop Co-Chairs


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Health and Wellness Ministry Co-Chair

My passion for health and wellness comes directly from my experience of early loss of parents who died in middle age. By my mid-20s I had committed to “writing myself a different story.” Professionally, my work was in the world of education as an elementary school psychologist and counselor while my avocation was reading and studying mind/body medicine. My profession and my “hobby” complimented one another beautifully as I discovered that mental health and physical health directly support one another. Along the way, I did my best to practice what I was learning since my original goal has not changed.

In 2002, I furthered my learning through a certificate program at Bastyr University entitled Spirituality, Health and Medicine. And, then in 2007 The Resilient Educator’s program at the Institute of HeartMath drew me and I became an educational trainer working with the tools of HeartMath in my school setting.  In 2011 I found Unity which seems a perfect fit for my background, training and passions, which includes spirituality. The learning in this arena never ends and it fuels me.


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Health and Wellness Ministry Co-Chair

Nancy Joy Callihan, co-chair of UIL Health and Wellness Ministry, has been a passionate student, teacher and advocate for health and wellness all of her adult life.  After graduating from university, she lived in the Middle East for three years, where she learned a meditation practice, experienced a healthier diet and learned to appreciate the value of organic foods and nutrition. Upon returning to the States, she recognized and joined the emerging Holistic Health culture and attended programs at Cleveland Clinic and the Gestalt Institute, Cleveland, Ohio. Natural nutrition and its healthy consequences were magnified as she studied and prepared for the birth of her first child. She carried her inspiration to serve others by teaching several mind-body movement programs such as Hatha Yoga, Relaxercise and dance.

She trained and became a certified Brain Gym instructor and consultant.  With the unexpected passing of her father, she was led to a grief and trauma processing modality called Rapid Eye Technology, R.E.T. for which she received master certification.

As a child, her mother read and shared Unity’s Daily Word and other Unity books with her. She was a Unity student without a church home until she “found” Unity in Lynnwood eight years ago, to her ongoing delight!

Recognizing that the body is the temple of the soul, she continues to enthusiastically learn and grow in her knowledge and practice of health and wellness by adding tools to her “tool kit." 


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Local Humanitarian Outreach Ministry Chair