A Morning Prayer

As I pause this morning I turn within--away from a world of busyness--to simply be. I relax and I release anything and everything competing for attention. The Life Force which pulses through All Things is breathing me now. I feel into that . . .

The winds of Life blow North/South/East/West, sometimes all at once.  These winds of constant change bring great gifts; they also bring sorrow and loss. In the quiet moments, I open to my work: to carve what I have been given, what lies before me now, what lies deep within me, into works of art, into acts of love. 

I am fed, body & soul, in the stillness. I am the gift of vision, clarity, and divine purpose. I pause, and Way opens around me. In the peace of this moment, I strengthen my intention and my capacities to be love in a needy world.  

Each of us is born a blessing. Tending my gifts and partnering with others, I offer these gifts back to the world in fuller form. I am free to imagine the highest and the best for any and all circumstances. 


We are each powerful agents of love, peace, vision and understanding.  Today I celebrate the many opportunities to give from what lies deep within me and from all that I have received. 

And so it Is.   


Linda Babin, Platform Assistant