Ravens in the Wind


Several years ago, standing at a scenic spot in Oregon, jagged cliffs caught my eye against the vivid blue sky.


In those moments two ravens leapt off a cliff into the gusty wind.  They put on a magical, acrobatic show doing flips, somersaults, dive bombing, and allowing the wind to be their guide.


I marveled at their joyful, trusting, adventuresome spirit leaping into the unknown as they did.


How much practice did it take them to be so unafraid?  Was there ever a time when they sat in a fearful place, unable to move?


I realize that when I’m in a dark place there are undercurrents of wind shaping my Spirit in ways that I’m not fully aware of.  I instinctively know that this is a place where I must sit before I can leap.


I wait for the inward nudge to leap, and when I do, trust comes.


Out of trust, direction arrives.


As direction arrives, I can then surrender.


When I surrender, I can dance like a raven in the wind.



Prayer Chaplain

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