A New Day


This is a New Year – a New Day

Release 2020

Leave it in the past to stay.


Look for the 2020 gifts

That gave you a lift

Carry them within as one

When you step into 2021.


May all be reminded

The promise each made at their birth

On this Earth.

Each one is a Light

Each promised to shine bright.


It is never too late.

Please don’t you wait.

Our world awaits

The uniting of our Lights.


As we stand in the Light

Love is reborn in a new form.

Love becomes our norm,

As we honor the other

Our sister and brother


Love lights are way for this New Day

A new way of living and being

We are seeing.

A year of new oneness

Wonderful, 2021



Barbara Joy Thorp

©2020 by Unity in Lynnwood.