Autumn Road

Gloria’s Musings



Authentic hearts can be misunderstood whether or not spoken out loud.
The Authenticity that shows up from within the heart, can be misunderstood no matter your own image.


Gloria Pulliam, 9.12.2021


Am I here in this moment within my head?

Am I here in this moment within my heart?

As I take some authentic and meaningful deep breaths,

This path will begin to clear.


Gloria Pulliam 9.12.2021


If we all realized the teaching moments that are in front of us, would we then teach differently? Could we then listen differently?


Gloria Pulliam, 9.17.2021




I recognize the part I have in more than speaking the words, for it is an impact I will produce. As I navigate this world's communications, I will remember the origins of my words and choose Love within the highest of vibrations.


Gloria Pulliam, 9.17.2021


When I think of this word, it takes me to Nature itself.

Nature’s Perfections have the freedoms of movement that exist with the

will to change.

I am the nature of all that occurs naturally within perfecting the natural way of being.


Gloria Pulliam, 9.22.2021




Are we the “why’s" that speak out loud?

Are we the answers with the will of the heart's space?

Answers will come from more questions as long as the

nature of growth is allowed to flow.

Gloria Pulliam, 9.22.2021