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A small group met at a class hosted by Helen Stigler in Lynnwood, Washington.  When Helen resigned, Reverend Bob Wasner - then Minister of Everett Unity - assumed leadership of the class.  Upon their request that Bob start a church in Lynnwood, he recommended his assistant, Rev. Gerri Weeks.

September of 1981 marked a new beginning at Edmonds Community College under the leadership of Reverend Gerri Weeks, and by only March of the following year (that’s about six months later), a letter was sent, and I quote, “We are well on our way toward the purchase of [a] church building on the corner of 56th and 238th.”

And so it was that what had become a community of 46 souls purchased a church building in Mountlake Terrace.  The building had been used for refugee housing.  So major renovations, from installing plumbing to building kitchens, to painting rooms to cutting overgrown trees to clearing debris to digging ditches, were spearheaded by a gentleman known as Famous Amos and facilitated by members themselves, facilitating the first service in the new building in July of 1982.

It was written, I quote, “There is a certain vitality and dedication and love within our church that is felt by everyone, and by those newcomers we are watching join us every Sunday.”

In November of the same year, Rev. Gerri resigned.  And Reverend Grover Thornsberry assumed interim leadership.  By the next August [1983], Rev. June Miller, whose claims to fame included a Miss Alaska title, spoke for the first time as the new minister.  She was followed by David Evans in 1984.  It’s been written that while David might have thought like a metaphysician, he preached like a Baptist.  And in the fall of 1988, Ann Thomas assumed leadership.

Shortly thereafter the community decided to sell the building.  And since the new owners didn’t need pews, the members moved all but four to their temporary location, which was a dance studio.  “Imagine having church surrounded by mirrors and boas and sequined costumes,” one recalls.

Over the next years, the community moved from the dance studio to a Best Western Hotel, to the Hotel International on 196th.  "There is very slight chance that the owners will renovate the room and turn it into a sushi bar, but don't worry," were the manager’s famous last words, and the children continued to gather in rented motel rooms, lobbies, hallways and even public parks.

According to one member, “We had to grow consciousness in order to get ready for the new building.  And in October of 1996 we finally settled at Martha Lake Community Center [where] we stayed until we moved into our new home in 2003.”

In the face of every challenge - from the lender request to raise an additional $50,000.00 in 60 days to the absence of sewer access to the appearance of protected salmon in the adjacent stream the necessary architectural redesigns, it’s been written that the collection of souls known as Unity Church in Lynnwood “only grew in community” under their adopted motto, “Come see what faith can do!”

In 2011, Rev. Ann retired.  The search committee wrote, “We seek a visionary leader to support us as we instill our spiritual community with a deep sense of connection.  We look forward to creating a dynamic community that will attract new members.  The ideal candidate will [inspire] spiritual growth through an effective and compelling Sunday message, enliven foundational Unity principles and take us well beyond toward spiritual maturity.”

It was released in the August, 2011 newsletter that Rev. Mary Omwake had been secured for the senior leadership post of Unity in Lynnwood.

Her retirement was followed by the unanimous appointment of Rev. Dr. Richard Loren Held as Senior Minister.  With Matthew Wilson - his spouse of over 20 years serving as Music Director and Office Manager, Dr. Richard served September 2013 - June 2024.

During these dynamic years, UIL members founded Wee Care Academy (a non-profit daycare boasting as many as 18 fulltime teachers and providing excellent services for as many as 85 youth each day, pre-C19), completed two refinance efforts while being upgraded by the bank from monthly reporters to quarterly reporters to annual reporters, joined the Unity Worldwide Ministries branding program, negotiated and secured the 5.5 acres of adjacent wetlands from inevitable commercial development, and joined the UWM EarthCare program.  UIL received an award for its accomplishments in the latter initiative and was among the first to achieve the highest ranking of level C in 2019.  UIL was among the inaugural LEAP grant recipients in response to the presentation of SoulGreens – an ecologically-sound vegetarian restaurant reflective of Unity’s roots.

Dr. Richard and Matthew welcomed guests including Bishop John Shelby Spong, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Marianne Williamson, Rev. Dr. Bishop Barbara King, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes, Daniel Nahmod, Jamie Lula, Tina Malia and many more.

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