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We ask all formal members to use the BREEZE app.  Click here to register!


But do I have to?

No!  Please know that you are already warmly welcome into any and all activities of Unity in Lynnwood!  As a 501 (c) (3) organization, however, certain of its roles, rights and privileges, such as voting on business matters and electing Trustees, are restricted to members.

What does membership really mean?

Unity’s fifth tenet effectively states that your spiritual awakening requires your commitment!  So first and foremost, allow membership to represent just that—a deepened commitment to your personal exploration of all that God is!

May I hold multiple memberships?

Absolutely!  Unity in Lynnwood understands and celebrates that a single source of enrichment may or may not meet the needs of all people at all times and we want you to have the support of any organization which supports you!

Well, then, how do I do it?

Unity in Lynnwood proudly offers two membership weekends each year.  While membership is available at any time, these celebratory weekends include Friday receptions and powerful, Sunday morning rituals of welcome!  Membership weekends are announced in advance.

What is required?

Formally, ministry policy requires the completion of an orientation class, scheduled to precede membership weekends.  UIL’s status as a 501 (c) (3) organization requires a written application and approval from UIL’s Board of Trustees.

What are member responsibilities?

Most of us enter spiritual community as “renters.”  And this is appropriate.  It is our encouragement and hope, however, that over time you will join the countless “owners” who continue to make UIL available through their soul-satisfying investments of commitment, prayer, service, presence and finance.

May my kids join?

Absolutely!  By ministry bylaw, however, youth may not vote on business matters until they reach 18 years of age.

May I transfer my membership?

Absolutely!  However, you are warmly welcome to become a formal member of Unity in Lynnwood and to retain your membership in another Unity center, if you like.

What if I move?

Those unable to maintain a presence of some verifiable sort within a calendar year will receive notification of active-to-inactive status.  One may reinstate active status at any time!

Please click here to view and print the membership application!

To read the highlights from our Fall 2023 Membership Class, click here.

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