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We believe life is sacred.  Therefore, we’ve designed our menu with mindfulness given to its impact on life – from how our ingredients are grown to how they will be delivered, prepared and presented.  We want the culinary experience we share to somehow leave both the earth and its inhabitants better for our having shared it.  Welcome to SoulGreens.  We’re glad you’re here.


This statement represents a vision of quality, organic vegetarian cuisine offered in the proud tradition of the Unity movement from UIL’s Friendship Hall!  How wonderful will it be to come together over a delicious meal, walk a stunning nature trail, peruse the gift shop and then join in an afternoon meditation on, say, a Tuesday?


UPDATE: At present, the initial application (a very long document) was submitted to the county.  After many weeks, the county requested several corrections.  We are in the process of amending the application to meet their requests.  As we understand it, upon final approval of the application, we will be prepared to move forward with purchasing and construction.  We expect the construction phase to be minimally impactful.


Thank you for including this vision of community, outreach, stewardship and responsibility in your spiritual practices.  We promise to keep you posted.