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We believe life is sacred.  Therefore, we’ve designed our menu with mindfulness given to its impact on life – from how our ingredients are grown to how they will be delivered, prepared and presented.  We want the culinary experience we share to somehow leave both the earth and its inhabitants better for our having shared it.  Welcome to SoulGreens.  We’re glad you’re here.


This statement represents a vision of quality, organic vegetarian cuisine offered in the proud tradition of the Unity movement from UIL’s Friendship Hall!  How wonderful will it be to come together over a delicious meal, walk a stunning nature trail, peruse the gift shop and then join in an afternoon meditation on, say, a Tuesday?




  1. Alderwood Water and Wastewater District approved the installation of the Schier GB-75 (don’t ask – but it’s a big deal)!

  2. Snohomish County issued the plumbing permit!


With special thanks to John Brooks, we’re making progress!  Imagine gathering with friends, and friends yet-to-be, for delicious coffees, food stuffs and lovely conversations!



At present, SoulGreens has received initial approval from the appropriate county entities.  From that point, we contracted for engineer's drawings which will guide the plumbing and electrical contractors in securing their permits and completing their work.  For those drawings, we wait!  We believe we have viable candidates for the plumbing and electrical!  A construction timeline will be developed and communicated at the appropriate time.  We remain hopeful for a 2023 construction launch!

June 9, 2023

From the Snohomish County Health Department:

"After reviewing your plans with the Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Health, and with the policies of the Snohomish County Health Department, your plans for SoulGreens have been approved."


May 25, 2023

Prayers up!  The application to open SoulGreens Bruncheonette, including the full design, equipment list and initial menu is under county review!  Upon their approval, demolishing, plumbing and electrical will commence!


February 28, 2023

The plans for all equipment, electrical, plumbing and such have been completed!  The project Chair, John Brooks, will be assembling the final applications for the various county entities.  We have reason to be hopeful for a 2023 open!  Hold the hight watch, Unity in Lynnwood!  Continue to envision a vibrant space brimming with amazing smells and inspired conversations!

October 13, 2022

Two UIL congregants found, purchased and secured the oven for the restaurant!  How two men moved an 800-pound oven into a closet gives us in the office some pause.  The project Chair, John Brooks, continues to work with Gilkey Restaurant Consulting on the final equipment list at which point Gilkey will submit the list and all applications to all entities for approval.  From that point, we’ll be asking for those with electrical and plumbing credentials, skillful craftmanship, strong shoulders and big hammers to join us for a big week of construction!

June 30, 2022

SoulGreens continues to move along!

The kitchen design is completed and is now at the KEC (we're learning new acronyms - that's for Kitchen Equipment Contractor) who is drawing the CAD design which we can then submit for approval from the county. 

Once we get this initial approval from the Health Dept, we will then be able to submit to the Dept of Planning and Dev for our permits.

Concurrently, in preparation for submission next week our kitchen designer/chef will submit baked menu items for us to select from for the initial menu.

Additionally, Nina has contacted several local coffee roasters and we will soon be sampling different roasts to see which ones SoulGreens will feature.


May 18, 2022

Please hold SoulGreens in prayer!  We are applying for a grant!  We hope to know the results as soon as June.  As explained in the informal town hall, SoulGreens will be a vegetarian restaurant.  Not only is this model in alignment with Unity’s roots and with UIL’s corporate purposes, it will require less remodeling and cost at least $40,000.00 less than the alternative.  Yeah, it’s a big deal!  Rev. Nina has 20 years’ experience in the restaurant business and we remain grateful for her guidance through the complexities of government and church finance and human personalities and so much more!


May 6, 2022

We are proud to announce that we have officially partnered with The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting group!  We are moving forward!​


April 8, 2022

Rev. Nina Clark continues to consult with area professionals and various county agencies.  From the Health Department to the Fire Marshal to Building Codes, each operates independently but their requirements are interdependent!  Please know that progress is being made, however.  Upon finalization of all approvals, we expect construction to require 7-10 days.  Do you have construction, plumbing and/or electrical skills to contribute?  Please write  She will happily add your name to the resource list.  Requirements may apply.  As of the date of this posting, we remain optimistic for a 2022 open of Phase 1!


January, 2022

At present, the initial application (a very long document) was submitted to the county.  After many weeks, the county requested several corrections.  We are in the process of amending the application to meet their requests.  As we understand it, upon final approval of the application, we will be prepared to move forward with purchasing and construction.  We expect the construction phase to be minimally impactful.


Thank you for including this vision of community, outreach, stewardship and responsibility in your spiritual practices.  We promise to keep you posted.



June 24, 2021

While we like to pat ourselves on the backs for our most brilliant thoughts, sometimes I think the actual process is really quite opposite: ideas are perfectly formed and fully funded as they exist in Mind and they are simply awaiting souls to capture them and then to enjoy the experience of seeming happenstance that is an idea demonstrating its sufficiency through that receptive vessel!  So, while we like to pat ourselves on the backs for our most brilliant thoughts, we would do better to pat ourselves on the backs for our courageous receptivity!


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