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Unity in Lynnwood is home to a thriving and intentional spiritual community of individuals representing virtually every faith tradition and no faith traditions whatsoever. Our welcoming and inclusive gatherings ultimately reflect Unity’s belief that life is sacred, that we are deeply bound – one to each other, that we are cocreators of our life experiences and that we live in a friendly universe. UIL’s Adult Education program invites all into deeper exploration of these ideas and so many more. UIL’s Youth and Family Ministries provides enrichment for our youngest members as UIL’s Small Group Ministry facilitates meaningful connections for all.


Wee Care Academy

Unity in Lynnwood is home to Wee Care Academy, offering quality, inclusive, nature-enhanced preschool education for children as young as toddlers!


Public Events

Unity in Lynnwood is home to quality musical events, the LastFridays Summer Speakers Series, Health and Wellness Ministry presentations, social gatherings and beyond!


Private Celebrations

Unity in Lynnwood is home to private services, events, celebrations and rituals marking all of life’s important moments. UIL’s Sanctuary and Wedding and Event Gazebo are busy with weddings and christenings and memorials and so much more. We, at Unity in Lynnwood, celebrate love in all forms!


And now…

SoulThings Books and Gifts

Unity in Lynnwood is home to items of inspiration and education! UIL’s inventory (often fair trade, local or otherwise consciously sourced) is carefully selected to support real people in earning a fair wage. We partner with SERV and other companies who share our passion for sustainable exchange practices.


And coming soon…


Food for Life

Unity in Lynnwood is home to SoulGreens Bruncheonette, proudly offering quality vegetarian cuisine* adapted and updated from recipes served at The Unity Inn starting in 1906.

*Seasonal, local, organic

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