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Coming Out - as Yourself!

Indulge me some history, if you will.

As an LGBTQ person in the United States in 1969, your name (along with those of your friends and family members) would be listed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, because as a homosexual, you would be considered prone to blackmail and to overt acts of perversion.

It was a 1950 issue of Coronet magazine that said the same thing, and I quote, “The male sex deviant descends through perversions to other forms of depravity such as drug addiction, burglary, sadism and even murder. Once a man assumes the role of homosexual, he throws off all moral restraints.”

Your name would be monitored by the United States Post Office as well, that any homosexual trappings received through the mail could be reported to the police, prompting your arrest.

Imagine that ominous knock on your door followed by, “Excuse me, sir, but is this your Martha Stewart Living Magazine?”

You would be dishonorably discharged from the military.

You would be arrested for holding hands with a partner.