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Rabbi Ted Falcon, Ph.D.

Interfaith at UIL Chair

Rabbi Ted Falcon has been a student and teacher of Jewish meditation and Kabbalah for over forty years.  With gentleness and humor, he offers unique insight into spirituality while deeply affirming the integrity of each individual being.  As part of the Interfaith Amigos, Rabbi Ted explores the frontiers of interfaith spirituality.


Nayaswamis Hriman & Padma McGilloway

Interfaith at UIL Chair

Nayaswami Padma McGilloway is the co-spiritual director and a kriyacharya of Ananda Sangha and Community in the greater Seattle area.


Padma offers many classes and services at Ananda Seattle, and in the greater Seattle area. Her leadership and teaching skills were honed in her many years of working with Swami Kriyananda in the publishing, including the foreign rights licensing of his nearly 150 books (in 33 languages). She also oversees the activities of the Sangha (Fellowship) as well as Ananda’s East West Bookshop, Living Wisdom School, and Thrift store.


Prior to accepting Swami Kriyananda’s invitation in 1993 to move to Seattle to guide the work there, Padma was a resident of Ananda Village in California since 1973 where she and her husband, Nayaswami Hriman, raised their two children. They led retreats, taught classes and were ministers and counselors as well as leaders in various aspects of Ananda’s work throughout those years.

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