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Upcoming in March for Unikids (grades K-5):  Unikids are joining the Olympic games with the Olympics of Me!  Students will be celebrating and affirming themselves and each other while playing their Olympic games!

March 6:  Opening ceremonies - I am the light of the world.

March 13:  Egg and Spoon Races - My life is a blessing.

March 20:  Hockey - I listen and trust my inner spirit to guide me.

March 27:  Speed Skating - I am powerful.

April 3:  Tennis - I stay fully present in the moment.

April 10:  Closing Ceremonies - I celebrate myself and others!


Upcoming in March for Teens: 
Your students all have a tendency to compare themselves to others. The grades they’re getting, the people they’re dating, the friends they have, the clothes they wear, the highlight reel on their Instagram feed—it all feels like one long list of what others have that your students just don’t! In this series, we’ll help them discover that comparison not only keeps them from liking others, it holds them back from being able to like themselves! And the further they move away from comparison and toward contentment, the more they’ll be able to love who they are just as they are!

 March 13:  Don’t compare your worth with their posts.

 March 20:  The more I celebrate others, the more I like me.

 March 26-27:  Lock-In!  Teens are invited to an overnight at Unity in Lynnwood!  The event will feature fun, faith and fellowship with all kinds of activities including crafts, games, preparing and eating meals and much more! Students wishing to attend will need to register in advance. COVID safety precautions will be in place for this event. Please write for full details.

April 3:  I can like me because God loves me.


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