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Short Sleeve UIL Tee Shirt

Short Sleeve UIL Tee Shirt


These UIL T-shirts are available with 4 different texts.  After choosing your color and size, please choose your desired text by entering a letter; A through D in the "Custom Text" field below.


A - Hi, person behind me! There's a whole lot more to you than you know.  Remeber that.


B - Hi, person behind me! If you are here (and it seems clear that you are), you belong. And that's all I have to say about that.


C - Hi, person behind me! You've tried playing small.  What do you have to lose by putting some guts into your game? It's a fair question.


D - Hi, person behind me! In the end, you are here to be you. So, start doing that please. Besides, everyone else is taken.

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