Linda Babin

My passion for health and wellness comes directly from my experience of early loss of parents who died in middle age. By my mid-20s I had committed to “writing myself a different story.” Professionally, my work was in the world of education as an elementary school psychologist and counselor while my avocation was reading and studying mind/body medicine. My profession and my “hobby” complimented one another beautifully as I discovered that mental health and physical health directly support one another. Along the way, I did my best to practice what I was learning since my original goal has not changed.

In 2002, I furthered my learning through a certificate program at Bastyr University entitled Spirituality, Health and Medicine. And, then in 2007 The Resilient Educator’s program at the Institute of HeartMath drew me and I became an educational trainer working with the tools of HeartMath in my school setting.  In 2011 I found Unity which seems a perfect fit for my background, training and passions, which includes spirituality. The learning in this arena never ends and it fuels me.