Unity in Lynnwood's Small Group Ministry is dedicated to the expansion of spiritual growth and personal empowerment.


Unity in Lynnwood's Small Group Ministry is committed to creating an environment that supports a sense of inclusion and belonging.  We provide veheicles for learning, support, and inspiration.  

We create opportunitites for developing relationships with eac hother and with the God of our understanding.  We offer a space to honor the human and the divine in each of us and we respect each person's unique, sacred path.


Personal and spiritual growth

Emotionally rewarding vehicles

Opportunities to develop new skills

Training and support

Prayer and emotional support

A Safe encironment for exploration, self-discovery, deep sharing


Join us for the purpose of exploration, information and discussion.  Book studies and home studies are just a couple ways to bring a new awareness into your life and knowledge into practice.

Affinity Groups 

Be a part of a group sharing similar interests, talents, hobbies and passions through discussion and activities.  

Groups - existing or under development - include:
  • Singles

  • Men's Group

  • Women's Group

  • Gay-Lesbian

  • 55 Plus

Join our Social Group for potlucks, picnics, game nights, movie nights and more.  And, drop in for Guided Meditations and Drumming Circles to name a few of the fun activities.

In these groups, we,

  • Listen to and accept each others concerns and experiences

  • Relate personal experiences, tools and coping strategies with others who share a common issue

  • Provide each other with non-professional and non-material types of support

  • Provide a safe environment to build trust, understand and community

  • Allow self-discovery, growth and empowerment


For more information, contact our Small Group Ministry Co-Chairs Cheryl Jones and Nancy Parle at: