Small Group Ministry


Join us for the purpose of exploration, information and discussion.  Book studies and home studies are just a couple ways to bring a new awareness into your life and knowledge into practice.


Affinity Groups 

Be a part of a group sharing similar interests, talents, hobbies and passions through discussion and activities.  

Groups - existing or under development - include:
  • Singles

  • Men's Group

  • Women's Group

  • Gay-Lesbian

  • 55 Plus

Join our Social Group for potlucks, picnics, game nights, movie nights and more.  And, drop in for Guided Meditations and Drumming Circles to name a few of the fun activities.

In these groups, we,

  • Listen to and accept each others concerns and experiences

  • Relate personal experiences, tools and coping strategies with others who share a common issue

  • Provide each other with non-professional and non-material types of support

  • Provide a safe environment to build trust, understand and community

  • Allow self-discovery, growth and empowerment


For more information, contact our Small Group Ministry Coordinator by writing: