River of Hope



River of Hope


The river of hope carries sturdy rocks of the earth to be washed over by a heavenly flow.

Her flow embraces twists and turns, lulls and speed, a melding into a larger body of water.

She represents the beauty of the movement of life.

She carries rainbows of color and


She can instill beautiful metaphor about a time for movement and a time to be still. 

Sandbars show up for deep rest.

She welcomes shifts and layers of winds of turbulence to stir up from deep currents, old worn patterns that yearn to be pushed through, thus, breaking free, blocks of limitation.

She offers the reflection of sunlight to bathe critters in warmth, to rest on her banks, or flow like a fleeting cloud.

She prompts us to pause and wonder about mystery, life, death, and infinity.

She invites magical dreams to awaken into promise. Stars birth forth out of the dreams of our deep slumber.

The river in all her glory, reminds us that even within rough waters, we can trust we have an eternal flow to us.

We learn and grow with love beckoning us, from life to life.

As a star glows, the internal river flows.



Ann Bradford 2020