Let your love play upon my voice and rest on my silence.  Let it pass through my heart into all my movements.  Let Your love, like stars, shine in the darkness of my sleep and dawn in my awakening.  Let it aburn in the flame of mydesires and flow in all currents of my own love.  Let me carry Your love in my life as a harp does its music, and give it back to You at last with my life.


Around and around we go singing our song sweet and low, our song of love, and our song of life.
You choose what you want to hear - spring's eternal life or death's eternal damnation, love's summer song or winter's heartache pose.
This life is yours, sing what you may.
Come sun and springling shower you can give a tune to everyghing, no matter what the hour.
Sing your song to your heart's content of loves, ballad or death's lament.
Sing your song to be heard from the highest hill to evening flower, sing it high, sing it low, but sing it anyway,
for life is for singing the praises of being here.