UNITY IN LYNNWOOD’S PRAYER MINISTRY is a trained volunteer group of dedicated members of Unity in Lynnwood.  The teams pray from the consciousness that there is ONE POWER and ONE PRESENCE in the universe which is expressed within everyone, and is everywhere.

All prayers are held in the strictest confidence.

HIGHWATCH PRAYER TEAM (our longest-serving Prayer Team):

  • Prays silently for members of our spiritual community
  • Prays for our spiritual community as a whole
  • Prays for Wee Care Academy
  • Prays for other Unity churches


  • UIL’s Pastoral Care Team provides a comforting presence including visitations to:
  • Hospitals
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Care facilities
  • Hospice facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers


Prayer Chaplains are, among others, the church leadership’s hands and feet as they develop relationships and walk with congregants in their life’s passages.  Prayer Chaplains:

  • Pray with individuals after Sunday Services
  • Call and pray with members each month
  • Pray with Prayer Requests
  • Monitor the confidential prayer line and pray with those leaving prayer requests
  • Lead Sunday silent meditation
  • Participate in special services
Unity's roots stand in the power of prayer. Unity in Lynnwood believes in the power of prayer and provides ongoing opportunities for practice! The Unity approach to prayer is affirmative, based on positive prayers and affirmations that have universal, interfaith appeal. Our team of devoted Prayer Chaplains is available for all in many ways.
  • Immediately prior to each Sunday service, Prayer Chaplains lead a quiet, guided meditation.
  • After Sunday services, individual prayer sessions with a Prayer Chaplain are available.
  • On the last Sunday of each month, Prayer Chaplains will conduct one-on-one Divine Wholeness sessions upon request.
  • Prayer requests may be submitted during Sunday services or through the attached form and receive prayer by the Prayer Chaplains before being sent to Silent Unity for additional prayers.
  • Prayer Chaplains are also available on the phone for emergency prayer needs at (425) 742-7610.

Please consider joining us ever for silent meditation before Sunday morning service at 8:30AM and 10:30AM.

Click HERE to submit a Prayer Request.

If you are interested in discovering more about prayer for yourself, or if you would like to join the path to become a Prayer Chaplain, contact us at