"June Inspiration"

There is a River of Now

by Ann Bradford


There is a river of now.

It gently carries our past mistakes, the cobwebs of our minds ,and our fears.

It also carries our dreams, wishes, and heart’s desires.

What propels its flow though is this now moment. It is a life spring from Divine source. We can choose to accept and be in gratitude for whatever shows up. A sting from the past to be healed could call out our name. An opening for forgiveness might flow through our heart.

A Divine idea may filter through an (up until now ) closed part of our mind.

We can choose to welcome it all! This river of now, this river of life is strong and continuous and although it can carry surprises and sadness , it also brings with it sandbars for protection and slower

currents for restoration and rejuvenation.

When we meditate using a river’s flow we can learn about life’s rhythms. We can metaphorically invite people to come with us in this flow. We can better understand that we are never alone and that there is always unseen help at the ready to soothe, comfort, love, and guide.

Our unseen help surrounds and flows through us with love eternally.


And so it is!


-Blessings from your Unity in Lynnwood Prayer Chaplains.