"April Inspiration"

It seems everywhere I look buds are turning into leaves, and blossoms are about to spring forth into fragrant new life.


 I pause, I go inward , I go to the center of my heart where Divine loving presence dwells and I ask the question : What in me yearns to grow ? Do I need to grow away from an old habit ? Do I need to grow into more joy ? Does the silence call? Is walking into a fuller expression of myself
nudging me ? What would that look like, and how do I take the first step? Is all growth about leaping into the unknown?

This is what my heart whispers:

There is always a growing edge to lean into. Whether we tiptoe in or leap, we are never alone. We have Spirit as a beloved partner. We need to remember that during the dance of life we will fall and fail sometimes. We will get to know the terrain of valleys as well as mountaintops.

We gain muscles every time we breathe with Spirit through a challenge.


We can smile knowing that there is always a teacher at the ready. There is also always a student yearning to learn some of the lessons we can teach.

When we are experiencing something challenging we can take a deep breath in and know that love can be the guiding force through it. The anchor and refuge that brings peace is already dwelling within.


Love is never ending~ Spirit’s support is eternal. With breath , without breath. In form , without form.


On and on and on...

So it is !


-Ann Z. Bradford

Blessings from your Unity in Lynnwood Prayer Chaplains.