As in nature, we carry aspects of all seasons. We can be in a space of inward reflection and the quiet solitude of winter, while simultaneously be carrying the hope of new buds to bloom, and the promise of spring.

We give gratitude for our humanity, Divinity, shadow, light, and our complexities.

We sing hallelujah that Divine loving presence holds us within our entirety. We are held with exquisite care, protection, love, direction, and purpose within each season, year, month, day, hour, and moment.

It is in the claiming of this wholeness within each moment and each new breath that allows us to surrender to peace and allows compassion to rise up from within in the midst of any circumstance. The eternal flame within is continually nudging us to tap into infinite possibilities!

We bubble up with an overflow of the same ingredients as our creator. When we stand firm in this knowing, we have peace of breath, trust, courage, and the strength to breathe moment to moment with the fullness and union of the one power.

Grace abounds!

So it is ~


Ann Bradford, UIL Prayer Chaplain
March 2020