Practicing Gratitude

This morning I'm grateful for all of life. The twists and turns, ups and
downs, gains and losses that life can bring. The learning of lessons.  For experiencing 
valleys as well as mountaintops.

I'd like to share a layer of gratitude
that on the surface may not appear
to be rich in blessings, yet, with searching and practice have revealed to be rich indeed.

I'm thankful for the opportunity when she calls to cultivate and bring forth
"soft edges" to intense situations.

I'm appreciative for all those that
have left my life and left an imprint. I've grown, found a stronger
voice and sturdier ground beneath my feet because of their presence.

The gifts of grief are finding "new
ways to breathe" and ways to
continue to live fully even though differently.
I can breathe with gratitude and compassion for the grief that I carry.

I'm thankful for small and large bumps in the road that allow for the opportunity 
to heal, forgive, and move forward.

I'm in tremendous gratitude for
the dark nights I've experienced
that eventually led me to walk into
a more loving and awake self.

I'm thankful for the sacred teachers
that have shown up at just the right
moment (sometimes with a feather,
sometimes with a two-by -four) to
guide me back to the Spirit within
when I've lapsed into "sleep."

I'm forever in gratitude for the courage it took to uncover the
flame that would ignite my soul's
passion and align me with my heart
of hearts.


Ann Bradford  (c) 2012

Inspiration from your Unity in Lynnwood Prayer Chaplains