This is from my expansiveness to yours. It doesn't need to be your truth.

Bubbling forth from infinity is a softness calling. She is waiting with outstretched arms and a big wide heart. She looks through my eyes with a gentle gaze. She hears the soft whisper of the wind and the hum of the bird's sweet song.

Here are some words of wisdom through
the power of Grace within:

Time constricts and expands depending upon your focus, intention, and alignment with Spirit. When you are aglow in the flow, you are functioning within no time and all time.

Peace and love can be found within every breath, and when we stop breathing love and peace will remain.

Celebrate every movement of growth even when you're at a standstill, this prompts presence and gratitude.

Embrace the shadow you walk with your whole life through.  She brings wholeness and compassion.

Begin by forgiving the internal you and all the wounds you carry. This one act can help provide grace and ease to find a home.  It is easier then to hold the internal wounds of another with love and compassion.

Wholeheartedly trust that each breath you take matters. The ingredients that light a bright star are the very same ingredients that carry the light of your soul eternally.

Prayer Chaplain

Ann Z.Bradford (c) 2015