Each candle flame is unique, sending out its own glow

Some are tall and bold, while others are small and low


Regardless of the size of the candle or power of the flame

The source of their light is one and the same


As with the candle flame, we have a Divine spark within

Whose source is the Universal Spirit that has always been


Like candles, some of us shine bright and bold

While others glow with a beauty inspiring to behold


Some burn with a flame powerful and bright

Others glow softly with a delicate delight


It matters not which type of light we shine

All our illuminations are a reflection of the Divine


Each person’s light has a purpose to shine its own way

Whether to light the path or to hold the darkness at bay


Just like the more candles you light, the greater the shine

Let’s work together to show your light and I’ll show mine


Let’s shine our lights whatever form they may be

Together we will shine Divine light for everyone to see


Divine light … Divine LOVE


Judith Grace Hastings, Friend of Chaplains




~Ann Bradford

Unity in Lynnwood Prayer Chaplain