A Perception and Reflection on Grief

The grieving heart still beats with the rhythm of life. What a paradox!
Would it feel more just somehow if the wind ceased to blow,
the waves no longer lapped up against the shore,
and the sun forgot to shine?
To the grieving heart, maybe. But let us thank Spirit that isn't the case.
The birds still sing sweetly nudging us towards a sweeter time of life
and children with their joy and laughter remind us that there is an ongoing present moment. 
Stars glow reminding us of our eternal flame. 
Within the still and the quiet we can know that Spirit's tender embrace captures all our tears.

We are truly blessed (even when it doesn't feel so - maybe especially then.)
My understanding is that whether we are high on a mountain top, deep in a valley,
navigating metaphorically through a rough patch of the river,
or resting in peace and calm on a sandbar,
Divine is whispering, always whispering, in everything -
I am here. So it is!

Ann Bradford

Unity in Lynnwood Prayer Chaplain