October Inspiration

Autumn in its glory blooms rich color and prompts different things for different people.

It can be a time of reaping the harvest that was planted in the spring and /or it can be a time of deep releasing and shedding what no longer serves self or others.

Quite possibly for many of us, the autumn season carries both.

We can reflect on the fact that leaves will fall to their demise while the roots , trunk and branches remain strong, intact, and still full of vibrant life.    
We have the sunlight fading into sometimes dark and dreary days and yet, they can bring comfort, coziness, hearty soups and stews, quiet reflection and intimacy with those around us.  
We can claim an inner warmth like a fire’s glow.

Maybe it is time to put summer neatly into the rotating closet so that down quilts can cloak us with deeper sleep.

Crisp blue skies and the change in the moon let us know that a new chapter has arrived.

I am reminded in autumn like all the seasons that there is a time for strength and a time to be vulnerable, a time for joy and for sorrow.  
It is a time to remember that we carry shadow and light, humanness and divinity.

We walk hand in hand with all these things. We can gently remind ourselves that each new breath can bring acceptance and love,
a shift in thought, a new sense of oneness with Divine and with each other.

So it is~

By Ann Bradford

Inspiration from your Unity in Lynnwood Prayer Chaplains