The Infinite Nature of You - Part 2

Myrtle and Charles Fillmore were married in 1881 and settled in Kansas City in 1885 with two young sons.

In Myrtle’s words, “I had all the ills of mind and body that I could bear.  Medicine and doctors ceased to give me relief and I was in despair.  Along with tuberculosis trouble in my lungs, I had disorders through the abdominal walls.  At times hemorrhoids made life miserable for me.”

It was amidst these ills that she and her husband attended a lecture by Christian Science Practitioner, Dr. E. B. Weeks where she heard, “You are a child of God, you do not inherit illness,” words which would become central to her life and work.

“I must have been fully ready,” she wrote, “for it filled and satisfied all empty, hungry longings of my soul.  There is nothing in human language able to express the vastness of possibilities, as they unrolled before me.”  From that point, she spent hours each day praying, speaking to her body and reading healing stories.

She continues, “My husband continued his business, and at first took little interest in what I was doing.  But after a time he became absorbed, too.  We began to prosper, a little at a time, and our health continued to improve.  Life became sweeter and more interesting, and we began to see a new world.”

Two years later Myrtle turned to Charles and said, “I’m healed and so are you.”

Others noticed what they were experiencing and began to ask questions and to request prayer work, and many of them experienced similar results.  They began to invite others to join them in prayer at a specified time every evening, and so were established the roots of the Unity movement.

Unity Village is home to Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, charged with perpetuating Charles and Myrtle’s work and beliefs that God is the underlying, unifying reality of all life, that Jesus was an elder way-shower who demonstrated ways of being to which each of us can aspire, that the Bible is one source of spiritual wisdom among many, that sin is to forget our oneness within God, that salvation is to remember, and that heaven and hell are not literal destinations realized at some future point but states of consciousness perpetuated in daily life.

For Myrtle, it was “ills of mind and body.”  For you it might be a lingering pattern.  It might be a dysfunctional relationship.  It might be a financial challenge.  It might be a lingering confusion.  It might be an unrealized longing.

Regardless of the circumstances, I think Myrtle’s response applies: if you desire a higher expression in life (health, relationship, supply, clarity or creative self-expression):

  • Deny an identity rooted in transient experience.
  • Affirm an identity rooted in eternal truth.
  • Allow this identity to permeate daily life.