Gay and God

Now from the outset, please know that we at Unity in Lynnwood are crystal clear on our position and I quote:

“Because we celebrate, honor, and affirm the Divine Presence in every person, we welcome you.

“We welcome your thoughts and ideas, for they add to our discourse.

“We welcome your gifts and talents, for they add to our resources.

“We welcome everyone into our community without regard to age, abilities, race, religious beliefs, cultural background, gender, or orientation.

You see, we believe you are spiritual in nature and human in experience.  In other words, you began long before you assumed earthly form and you will continue long after you have relinquished that earthly form.

Unity uses the word “God” to represent Life – the eternal currents ever pressing themselves into and out of form; to represent Love – a Love that gives of its all-ness and grants you, in every moment, the freedom to choose and the authority to create; and Wisdom – that realm of knowing-ness and creativity and inspiration in which we discover ourselves and each other.  We understand God as Life itself, as Love itself, as Wisdom itself.  And because we cannot exist outside the all-ness of the Life, Love and Wisdom that we call God, ours is to avail ourselves to higher and higher realizations and recognitions of the Life, Love and Wisdom in which we’re immersed and from which we spring.

When we are more oriented toward the earthly experience, we tend to define life as old or young, black or white, male or female, tall or short, eastern or western, gay or straight.  But as we become more oriented toward the spiritual nature, we begin to define life in much broader terms. 

Labels such as “old or young” fade in weight as we come to grasp that the highest self wasn’t born and doesn’t die.  And labels such as black or white fade in weight as we come to grasp that the highest self has no concept of race or ethnicity.  And labels such as male or female and gay or straight fade in weight as we come to grasp that the highest self is genderless soul stuff - growing, developing, unfolding through whatever physical form it happens to inhabit at any and every given moment in eternity.

We’re living in a time when a new consciousness is rising, challenging half-interpretations which offer the woman as a secondary creation needing a man, the child as a flawed creation needing a savior, and the homosexual as an ill creation needing a cure.

It’s in such a consciousness that I envision you, dear soul, elevated from a position of tolerance to a throne of celebration for nothing less than the very life of the Divine, overflowing in the creative richness and incredible beauty of Its own expression.