Discovering a Field of Commonality

For the Republican, there might be a tendency to distance from the Democrat. For the Democrat, there might be a tendency to distance from the Republican. Sadly, such a tendency is sometimes accompanied by self-serving, self-righteous spiritual jargon reminiscent of that misused to justify the white distancing from the black, the straight distancing from the gay, the rich distancing from the poor, the Christian distancing from the Muslim.

“Curate your environment,” I overheard recently, and I wouldn’t disagree. Let us accept this as a charge to curate environments free from all - Republicans and Democrats alike - who would weaponize politics, race, orientation, class and religion against brothers and sisters.

In other words, if we are to say, “No,” let us refuse to wield that powerful word against brothers and sisters based upon matters of politic and the circular, self-indulgent propaganda thereof. Rather, let’s wield that powerful word against all that fails to meet the high standards of radical inclusion and universal respect which are so clearly sweeping over humanity in the compelling wake of a rising consciousness.

Let us continue to prove in dynamic and compelling ways that a disparate and diverse collection of souls can discover a field of unity and commonality beyond the dry expanse of human positionality.

It’s in such a field that we can begin again.

Dr. Richard Loren Held, Spiritual Director