The Interfaith Amigos at Unity in Lynnwood

Unity in Lynnwood proudly announces its 2017 Last Fridays Summer Speakers Series featuring the Interfaith Amigos (Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Imam Jamal Rahman) and Arun Gandhi.

Since the beginning following 9/11, the Interfaith Amigos have brought their unique blend of spiritual wisdom and humor to audiences in the U.S., Canada, Israel-Palestine, and Japan.

With their willingness to openly address the usual taboos of interfaith dialogue—the “awkward parts” of each tradition—they create a more authentic conversation, between themselves and with their audiences, giving people an opportunity to step more fully into the rich promise of the interfaith experience.

In a presentation entitled, "Interfaith Dialogue for Challenging Times,” the Interfaith Amigos share some of the promises as well as the problems related to developing an interfaith dialogue that can support collaborative action in our world.  With warmth, humor, and wisdom, these three teachers guide an interfaith process that opens their audiences to spiritual treasures which support healing and wholeness.


August 25th, 2017 7:00 PM