STAND - Remember. Recognize. Reclaim.

Change.  Whether in our organizations or our communities or our nations or our world, it seems that meaningful change more often rises from the evolution of individuals than it does from the vision of leaders.  In fact, meaningful change often rises in tension with the vision of leaders, in tension with accepted ways, in tension with normative belief, in tension with existing systems.  This is the real story of Stonewall; it’s the story of courageous individuals who gave rise to that evolutionary impulse toward higher ways of being, in dramatic tension with the world in which they lived.  STAND* is dedicated to those individuals of 50 years past, and to all who are willing to give rise to that same evolutionary impulse today.

*Event proceeds will be donated in support of Equal Rights Washington, Human Rights Campaign Seattle and Cocoon House.


Rev. Nina Clark

Bishop Cathy Chalmers 

Rabbi Ted Falcon

Dr. Richard Loren Held

Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis

Imam Jamal Rahman

Rev. Linda Spencer

Rev. Sydney Steen


With Matthew Wilson, Bev Daugherty and Garnett Hundley, Musicians

June 28th, 2019 7:00 PM