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What does Unity teach?  Well, fundamentally, we’re willing to bet that the following three classes represent a great beginning to an answer!  We’ve chosen to return to such basics and to invite students to unprecedented depths of spiritual growth, development and unfoldment.


Each of the following 5-week experiences will invite both new and existing students to put these teachings to the test in everyday life.  Prove that prayer works!  Prove that God is sufficient!  Prove that you can, indeed, have life and have it abundantly!  We’re eager to celebrate with you!



Tuesdays, March 12 - April 16; 7;00 p.m.

Unity Prayer class will be facilitated exclusively via Zoom starting March 12th, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. This will be a deep dive discussion into what Affirmative Prayer is and how to make this effective method a powerful tool for your spiritual growth. The new book we’ll be reading is Discover Your Divinity: A Modern Guide to Affirmative Prayer by Reverend Linda Martella-Whitsett available in Soul Things Books and Gifts. Prayer Ministries Director, Dana Consuelo will be the facilitator. All are welcome. Please register here.  If you do not receive the Zoom link upon registration, please check your junk folder or call the office.  The same link will be used for all five classes.


Simply stated, we assert the capacity of thought to impact the quality of our physical expression.  And while such thinking has long endured among the spiritually minded among us, it’s now shared and accepted by the scientifically minded among us as well!  Yes, we assert that you can contribute to your physical health and vitality through spiritual practice.  In the end, we seek the profound realization of our own individual and collective spiritual wholeness, trusting that realization to out picture in right and perfect (and often surprising) ways.

  • Am I responsible for my situation?  Am I to blame for my situation?  Is there a difference?

  • What of the processes of aging and dying?

  • What is this physical body and how did it come into being?

  • How can I really work this idea of spirit/mind/body?

  • What do I say to my body?  Would it be acceptable coming from another?

  • And, if I do “it” right, will I always get my way?


The natural order of things knows how to support its creation, both in whole and in part!  The natural order of things (by whatever name you choose to call it) knows how to meet the needs of body and soul alike.  So, the troubling-yet-empowering question becomes: are you cooperating with the natural order of things or frustrating the natural order of things?  Join with others willing to “get themselves out of the way” of that which longs to prove itself.

  • What do we mean when we say the word God?  And why does it matter?

  • What is prosperity?

  • What are my symbols of prosperity?

  • What might reside behind one of these symbols?  And behind that?  And even behind that?

  • What of this law of giving and receiving?

  • How might my comfort be a part of the problem?

  • What of tithing?  And do I have to tithe money?

  • How might a forgiveness practice support my prosperity work?

  • And, if I do “it” right, will I always get my way?



Sundays, February 4, 11 and 18; 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.


Joining members are invited into this overview of the history of Unity and its five tenets!  Expectations of membership, ministry bylaws and policy will be included.  This is a requirement for membership and an excellent refresher for existing members.  Please plan to attend all three classes.  This class will be offered onsite and virtually.


All Unity in Lynnwood Adult Education classes are proudly offered on a love offering basis.

100% attendance is required to secure the

rights and privileges of completion.

Students may take any class at any time.

Early registration is always appreciated by calling

(425) 741-7172 or by visiting

Classes are subject to cancellation.

Please check the website.

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