There’s No Place Like Home! will be an exquisite UIL “family” reunion including pre-dinner appetizers, an elegant and delicious buffet-style dinner, games (like our beloved “heads and tails” game) and a few, honored guests as we give back to our greater community. Saturday, October 24th, 7:00 PM.  Please register by clicking here.


Where: Camp Huston, Gold Bar, Washington

Purpose:  This event is designed as a time for the men of Unity to relax, have fun, build relationships and take some "time out of life" to grow spiritually.  Bring a smile, corny joke and an open mind to meet others and relax in a beautiful setting in the Cascades.  We'll share food, drink and give you plenty of "me time" to recharge.  It's a great time with your fellow brothers!!  See you there!!

Theme:  "Men:  Our True Selves".  We will explore who we are below the many roles we play in our daily lives and the masks we often wear in different situations.  This fun and introspective journey will challenge us to reach for our true selves and bring our beautiful light to the world. It includes individual and group exercises, outdoor activities and time for self reflection and personal renewal. 

Facilitators:  Daniel Kaulfus, Tim Vokes and John Previti 


Register HERE


Rickie's music is the number one element that rocks every retreat she has done for the last 25 years. But she ain't just singing! Rickie evokes the bravest and best of us to come forth and she does this simply by being herself. In this retreat, your heart will expand which will allow you to change your perception. Sing with the Choir of Queens and feel the power in your voice and the power of our sound as women (no prior experience is necessary... for real!). You will be soulfully guided throughout the course of the retreat into the Queendom of Blessings (1. Emotions 2. Feelings 3. Intuition 4. Soul 5. Independence 6. Harmony, 7. Balance 8. Joy 9. Freedom  10. Acceptance) also known as The Land of I AM. And you will leave more inspired to be yourself.  Register today!

Following last year's successful Hands on Housing event, we are pleased to invite you to join us on September 12th to bring Practical Spirituality to an elderly, needful homeowner in a one day home makeover project.  Participation is limited on first come basis.  Morning or afternoon shifts are available.  Bring your open hearts and willing hands to this community building event.  Register here.


Please visit the Small Group Ministry page for details.




Classes and Special Services (Click on the image for the class/service description.)

Most services and classes (unless noted otherwise) are available via free-will offering during the event and other secure ways described below.  We love you and we appreciate you! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

  1. Text the word "GIVE" to 425-358-3335 and follow the prompts on your phone (initial set-up requires only a few moments).
  2. Visit www.UnityinLynnwood.org and click on “DONATE!”
  3. Download the Unity in Lynnwood app (“DONATE”) and BREEZE (“GIVE NOW” – registration required).
  4. Checks payable to “UNITY IN LYNNWOOD” are gratefully received by mail:16727 Alderwood Mall Parkway, Lynnwood, WA 98037